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“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my experience with Karen as my Life Coach.

As Karen shared her knowledge and skills I learnt what areas of my life needed some attention and I could see results starting to come through very quickly, as I started to change my mind set.

The biggest things that I have gained from my sessions with Karen are confidence and to take time to enjoy life! I now have several daily practices that help me stay on track and stay focused.

I appreciated that Karen helped me stay accountable to making small steps to change my life -there is no magic wand!

Karen has a very kind and approachable manner. I felt safe to share with her, so I could move forward in my life. I have no hesitation recommending Karen’s services to anyone who is looking to make some positive changes and gain some life direction.”

Amyie (age 27)

“I met with Karen as I was feeling really stuck. I was not feeling happy in many areas of my life.

It was great to take the time to focus on me. With skilful questioning I was able to see clearly how unbalanced my life has become and the areas I need to work on.

I came to the realisation how inattentive I am, just plodding along wherever life leads me. I have started to take charge and pay more attention to my thoughts and feelings to enable me to participate more authentically in life rather than being bustled along by what is happening in my external world.”

Maree S (aged 57)

“Through her knowledge, expertise and humour, Karen mentored me in a way that enabled me to be positive to succeed personally and professionally.

Thoughtful and attentive, she was adept at empowering me to make changes.

I’d highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for someone who can support them to become the best person they can be.”

Jenny (aged 37)

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