Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who needs Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their life. It accelerates growth by keeping you focused, motivated, purposeful and accountable.

2. How long are sessions and what is involved?
Ideally one session weekly for at least four weeks, with six to ten sessions being the most optimal. After this initial period the coachee can choose to drop it back to fortnightly or monthly, depending on what it is they are working on and how much has already been accomplished.

A coaching session usually last for an hour with contact by phone or email if required between sessions.

3. Can we speak or meet face to face prior to starting?
Yes! I encourage all potential coachees to make contact with me prior to working together. It is important that you are able to engage with me to ensure you feel comfortable working with me.

4. What happens if I finish earlier than planned?
If you have been able to make the changes you desire sooner than expected then you can either hold on to those sessions for the future, in case you may like to return for more support or you can receive a refund on a pro rata basis.

5. Are our sessions confidential?
All sessions are confidential. ‘Attentive Living’ has a confidentiality policy which is described in the Life Coaching contract.

All information and data collected is held in strict confidence in accordance with the provisions of the NZ Privacy Act 1993.

6. Can you attend Life Coaching while undergoing therapy?

Yes, unless you have a major mental diagnosis. I would ensure that you advise the therapist that you are doing so and that we are not working on the same issues.

7. Are there any clients you don’t work with and would you refer me to other professionals if necessary?
If you have a major mental diagnosis you are best suited with a specialised professional.

If during our sessions, it becomes apparent that you need specialised professional advice (Medical Doctor/Psychologist/Psychotherapist) I will recommend that you seek this advice. Refer to FAQ No. 5 and 6.

8. Do you do group coaching?

Yes! Group Life Coaching sessions may be offered from time to time.

9. Would you come and speak to our group?
Yes! I am happy to come and speak to your group on a relevant topic.

10. What are your rates and payment terms?
Full payment for Life Coaching is due prior to the commencement of coaching. If for some reason, you have some difficulty with this I will attempt to accommodate you.

My preferred method of payment is online banking. I do not have eftpos/credit card facilities.

If you have booked a course of sessions and are not completely satisfied after our first session, then I will refund 100% including that session.

The session rate is $80.00 an hour

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