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When you become aware that your work and life are out of balance, it is an opportunity to reflect on your true meaning and purpose for living and make change in these areas.

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1. My time at work is 75% of the time rewarding.


2. I feel that I am expected to work extra hours more than I am comfortable with.


3. My family or those close to me express annoyance at how my work interferes with our relationship/s.


4. I have a home environment that is pleasant and uncluttered.


5. I exercise regularly three times a week.


6. I participate in a hobby or interest at least 2-3 hours a week


7. I am often distracted outside of work thinking about work.


8. I frequently feel guilty because I am unable to meet my personal goals or commitment to others.


9. I frequently work through my lunch break.


10. I try often to prioritise time to spend with family or those close to me.


11. I often start my week feeling physically/ mentally tired.


12. I prioritise taking a minimum of three weeks holiday a year for pleasure.


13. I prioritise family or personal events over work.


14. My life outside work is very busy but fulfilling.


15. I eat healthy food that keeps me energised most days.


16. I take at least 20 minutes of alone time for myself each day.


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